Brake Inspection Service in Kent, WA

There are numerous ways to tell when your vehicle needs brake repair.

First, and most obvious indication you vehicle brakes need service is when the brake warning light is on. The second indication is when you hear strange noises when you press the brake pedal. Third indication of the need for brake repair is if your vehicle's brakes don't feel normal when you press the brake pedal. Fourth is a brake wear indicator.

Note: Brake problems are not an auto repair that should be postponed!

Brake Warning Light

Brake warning lights are a very general indication of a brake problem. It could be maintenance required warning or a serious ABS brake control problem. Brake warning lights should not be ignored. You should have the brake system checked as soon as possible to tell if it is a minor or serious brake problem.

Brake Noises

Brake noises indicate a serious brake problem that needs immediate attention. You should get a brake inspection immediately. Brake failure is a possibility and you not only place yourself and your vehicle passengers at risk you place yourself at great risk of liability if you knowingly drive a vehicle with faulty brakes and get into an vehicle accident.

List of brake noise problems:

  • Grinding noise when you press the brake pedal. Usually indicates brake pads are worn and there is metal to metal contact.
  • Squealing or chirping noise when the vehicle moves. Frequency increases with increased vehicle speed. Noise may decrease when brake pedal depressed. It could be a brake wear indicator telling you the brake pads are worn out.
  • Loud squealing when the brakes are applied can indicate brake pad or brake rotor problems.

Strange Brake Feel

Anything that feels odd or different about your vehicle's brakes indicates a serious brake problem that requires immediate attention. Brake failure is a possibility and a brake inspection should be done immediately. Your vehicle may be unsafe to drive.

List of odd brake feel problems:

  • Brake pedal feels spongy or soft.
  • Brake pedal sinks lower than usual.
  • Brake pedal sinks towards the floor.
  • Brake pedal stays low after depressing.
  • Any change to the way the brake pedal feels.
  • Anything that is different about the way your brakes work.

Auto Brake Inspection

Even if you don't experience any brake problems you should get regular brake inspections. They are part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance. Warren Secord Automotive does a courtesy brake lining thickness visual inspection on most vehicles as part of a oil change service.

List of brake system visual inspection points:

  • Brake pedal feel.
  • Brake warning light function.
  • Brake fluid level
  • Visual inspection of brake lines and brake hoses.

Brake Problem Diagnosis

Your car’s brakes are part of a complex system with many points that can fail. If you have a specific brake problem the repair usually requires diagnosis to find out what is causing the problem. A maintenance brake inspection is not a diagnosis procedure.

Once the problem is identified we report the diagnostic findings to you and we provide a brake repair estimate before proceeding with the repair.

Warren Secord Automotive & Tire provides brake inspection in Kent, WA.