Kent WA fuel pump replacement. All makes & models. ASE certified auto repair technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to correctly do fuel pump change in Kent WA.

How Much Does Fuel Pump Replacement Cost?

We specialize in fuel pump replacement so we can provide the best fuel pump replacement price in Kent WA.

When you compare fuel pump replacement cost in Kent WA make sure the quote includes ALL required parts and labor. Most manufacturers recommend replacing fuel pump assembly, fuel pump inlet screen, and fuel filter at the same time to ensure full fuel pump warranty coverage.

Fuel pump replacement parts vary widely in both quality and especially cost. Low cost aftermarket replacement parts typically don't last as long as the original equipment replacement parts. Poor quality fuel pump may also affect engine performance. Fuel pump warranty also varies greatly. When you get a fuel pump replacement estimate make sure you know what quality of parts are being used.

How much does it cost to replace fuel pump?

Fuel pump replacement cost can vary widely depending on the vehicle and labor required to remove and replace the pump unit. Some vehicles require the fuel tank to be removed from the vehicle so the fuel pump can be replaced and so are much more costly.

Do your wallet a favor and contact Warren Secord Automotive to replace your fuel pump.

What Is A Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump moves fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injection system on the engine. Modern fuel pumps are a high pressure, large volume pump located in the fuel tank. They are much more complex than fuel pumps used in the past.

Fuel pump unit often includes the fuel pump assembly, a fuel pressure regulator, fuel output check valve, fuel pump suction filter or screen, and often, the fuel level gauge sending unit. The fuel pump part cost is often high due to all these integrated components.

Fuel Pump Problem Diagnosis

The common first sign of a fuel pump problem is a check engine light. Our technician can check your vehicle computer for error codes.

If the engine won't start our auto repair technician will check for fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is good, the next step is to check the fuel pump volume to make sure it can delivering enough fuel to run the engine.

If the pressure is low or nonexistent we check the fuel pump electrical circuit. If the pump electrical circuit is good, the fuel filter may need replacing. Or some vehicles have a separate fuel pressure regulator and it will need to be tested.

When To Replace Your Fuel Pump

You jump in your vehicle, turn the key, but it won't start. The engine cranks and cranks but won't fire up. Darn... You knew something was not right.

For the last while your vehicle was slow to start up when cold. But started fine when warm. You also noticed the familiar humming sound of the fuel pump in the back of the car sometimes wasn't there when it wouldn't start... You say to yourself "I wish I had paided attention and had Warren Secord Automotive check it before it died...

There is no way to measure or predict the remaining life of a fuel pump. Fuel pumps do not have a scheduled replacement life specified by your vehicle manufacturer. How long your fuel lasts depends on vehicle use, fuel quality used, fuel filter replacement frequency, and weather conditions.

Some symptoms can warn you of a possible fuel pump failure. Be aware of your vehicle becoming difficult to start, especially when cold, a lack of engine power, or a change in the noise the fuel pump makes when you turn the key on. This way your fuel pump can be replaced before it fails and leaves you stranded.

How To Make Fuel Pump Last Longer

One common cause of premature fuel pump failure is operating the vehicle with low fuel level. Good advice is to use the top half of the fuel tank, not the bottom half!
The fuel provides cooling for the fuel pump. The more fuel in the tank, the greater the cooling the fuel pump has, and the longer the pump lasts.

Keeping the fuel tank full is especially important in the summer stop-n-go traffic. Fuel tanks are usually under the vehicle and fuel in the tank is warmed by heat reflected from the pavement. The less fuel in the tank the faster it is heated when sitting in traffic, the more stress on the fuel pump, and the sooner it wears out. Keep your fuel tank full and your fuel pump will last much longer.

The second most common cause of fuel pump failure is not replacing the fuel filter. When the fuel filter becomes plugged the fuel pump has to work harder to force the fuel through it. This overloads the pump and causes premature fuel pump failure. Regular fuel filter replacement will help avoid fuel pump repair cost.

How Important Is Fuel pump Replacement?

A failed fuel pump happens suddenly and can be a serious safety issue when your vehicle suddenly stalls and won't run.

Fuel pumps become worn over time and eventually fail. Distance driven, age, and dirty fuel all contribute to fuel pump breakdown. If you notice a changed or strange fuel pump noise don't ignore it!

Avoid Fuel Pump Failure

Don’t risk a roadside breakdown. There are few warning signs before a fuel pump fails. When a fuel pump breaks your vehicle will quit running immediately. Your only remedy is a tow truck and an unexpected repair bill for a fuel pump replacement.

Do your wallet a favor and let our auto repair technicians replace your fuel pump. We will confirm the recommended replacement interval and correctly install a new fuel pump.

What We Do

  • Check for fuel pump related Check Engine Light error codes.
  • Check fuel pump pressure, fuel pump volume, fuel pump pressure check valve function, and electrical supply before fuel pump replacement.
  • Remove components needed to gain access to faulty fuel pump.
  • Remove and replace fuel pump assembly, inspect fuel tank for damage and contamination (dirt), inspect fuel lines & hoses, replace fuel filter.
  • Check fuel pump pressure, volume, check valve pressure hold after pump replacement.
  • Note: The fuel filters must be replaced when a new fuel pump is installed.

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Fuel Pump Problems

Dodge Fuel Pump Failure

Problem: engine may develop a lack of power or stalling condition due to low fuel pressure.

Cause: contaminates passing through the fuel pick-up screen result in fuel pump wear and failure. Fuel injectors may also be damaged. Poor quality or dirty fuel can damage fuel pump and injectors. Most Dodge and Chrysler vehicles do not have a replaceable fuel filter. The fuel filter is a part of the pump assembly. If the fuel filter gets plugged the fuel pump assembly should be replaced as a unit.

Tips: better quality replacement fuel pumps include a high quality fuel filter rather than just a screen. We recommend replacing the entire fuel pump assembly with a unit that has both a primary and secondary fuel pump filter.

Repair: test fuel pump pressure and volume. Fuel pump replacement.


Chevrolet Engine Stall or Crank Over But No Start

Problem: fuel pump failure causing the engine to stall and not restart.

Symptoms: engine stall, no start condition, lack of power, rough running or stuttering on acceleration.

Repair: Chevy fuel pump replacement. In tank fuel filter replacement. Secondary fuel filter replacement.

Tips: secondary fuel filter replacement every 30,000 miles to help prevent strain on fuel pump.