Authorized Emission Repair Shops in Kent WA

List of Authorized Emission Specialist repair shops in Kent, WA with at least one Authorized Emission Specialist. Auto repair shops that fix Washington State Emissions test failure. Always request that your vehicle's emission repairs be performed by an Certified Gasoline and Diesel Emission Specialist. You may request to see the Emission Specialist's certificate.

Warren Secord Automotive & Tire

1127 W. Smith Street, #101, Kent, WA 98032 (253) 852-1492

Affordable Auto Services

23620 Pacific Highway South Kent (206) 824-2886

Autokraft of Kent

704 South Central Ave. Kent (253) 859-8553

Autotek Tire and Service

233 S. Central Avenue Kent (253) 859-3477

Bowen Scarff Ford

1157 N. Central Kent (253) 852-3340


23928 Pacific Highway Kent (206) 824-4955

Carbs Unlimited

18817 E. Valley Hwy. Kent (253) 872-7663

Central Ave Automotive

1514 S Central Kent (253) 852-8860

Discount Automotive Service

1036 Central Ave S. Kent (253) 856-7554

East Hill Auto Service

25955 104th Ave SE Kent (253) 850-1100

East Hill Tire

25239 104th Ave. S.E. Kent (253) 852-3280

Elliott Goodyear

25923 104th Ave. S.E. Kent (253) 373-1500

Extreme Auto Works

22647 88th Ave S Kent (253) 236-5419


10624 S.E. 240th Kent (253) 854-3387

Import Auto Repair

22644 85th Pl. S. Kent (253) 850-1505

Jerry's Little Car Shop

1517 S. Central #C Kent (253) 854-9601

Kent Auto Repair

26922 132Nd Ave. S.E. Kent (253) 630-8133

Lloyd's Automotive, Inc.

23250 Military Rd. Kent (206) 824-2225


24242 104th Ave SE Kent (253) 850-3575

Premier Automotive Service

25001 Pacific Highway South Kent (253) 839-1480

Rock Automotive

25026 Pacific Hwy Kent (253) 529-3330

Saggu Automotive Repair

10314 SE 244th St. Kent (253) 277-1810

Triz Automotive

24236 104th Ave. S.E. Kent (253) 856-1166

Washington State Certified Emissions Repair Shops

King County Washington emissions testing is required every two years. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer is the best way to make sure that you pass the emissions test.

Warren Secord Automotive & Tire in Kent WA is a Washington state registered emissions repair shop. If your vehicle has recently failed a Washington state emissions test we can help you pass your emissions test either by fixing emissions test repair or getting an Washington State emissions test waiver. Our shop does emissions test failure repairs on all makes and models of vehicles including foreign and domestic.

Call Warren Secord Automotive & Tire (253) 852-1492 Appointment Estimate Email

Washington State emissions testing cost is $15. If a retest is required it is free if done at Applus test station. Independent Washington State emissions testing locations charge different amounts. If your vehicle failed the Washington State emissions test you will have received an emissions test result printout listing problems. Warren Secord Automotive can do the required repairs to make sure your vehicle passes the DEQ emissions retest.

Some required Washington State emissions test repairs can be very expensive. You are required to spend a minimum of $150 for diagnosis and repair of emissions test problem. If the required emissions repair work is over $150 we can ensure that you qualify for an emissions waiver. Although any auto repair shop can repair your vehicle, the repair costs will only apply toward a waiver when an Authorized Emission Specialist (AES) performs the repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I get an emission test?

You have two choices for Washington State Emissions Testing Centers:

Washington Fleet Emission Test Information

Fleets may be able to do their own emissions testing. Please see the Department of Ecology website for additional information on fleet emissions testing.

Diesel Vehicle Emission Test Information

These diesel vehicles no longer require an emission test:

  • All diesel powered passenger vehicles weighing less than 6,001 pounds.
  • All diesel vehicles model year 2007 and newer, regardless of weight.

Who needs to have their vehicle tested?

Residents of the following counties may need vehicle emissions testing every 2 years:

  • Clark County
  • King County
  • Pierce County
  • Snohomish County
  • Spokane County

List of zip codes requiring Washington motor Vehicle Emissions check.

What vehicles are emission testing exempt?

The following vehicles do not need Washington State motor vehicle emissions inspection:

  • 2009 or newer model year vehicles.
  • Collectible vehicles.
  • Custom vehicles.
  • Dealer sales - vehicles sold or offered for sale by a Washington auto dealer.
  • Diesel vehicles that are:
    • Older than 2007, and weigh 6,000 pounds or less.
    • or 2007 and newer, with no weight limit.
  • Farm vehicles.
  • Hybrid vehicles: Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Motor-driven cycles.
  • Street Rod vehicles.
  • Vehicles more than 25 years old.
  • Vehicles powered exclusively by electricity, propane, compressed natural gas, or liquid petroleum gas.

How can I tell if my vehicle needs to be tested?

Your vehicle license tab renewal notice will say if an emission test is required.

What if my vehicle is required to be tested, but it’s out of the emission test area?

You can apply for a temporary exemption with an Out-of-Area Emission Test Application. When your vehicle returns to the emission testing area you have 15 days to get your vehicle tested.

What if I'm going out of state for an extended period of time?

If your residence is still in Washington, but you’re going to school or living out of state for less than a year, have your vehicle emissions done before you leave the emission testing area. If your emissions test will be due while out of the emission testing area, you can have your vehicle tested within 365 days before the tab renewal date.

What are the requirements for military personnel?

Federal law requires your personal vehicle to be tested regardless of where it’s registered if you drive on a military base located within an emission inspection area for 60 days or more a year. Further questions are best answered by your military base.

How soon can I renew my vehicle tabs after my vehicle is tested?

Your vehicle records are electronically updated with emissions testing station results within 2 hours. If renewing your tabs online please at least two hours after the emission test. If you renew at a Washington State Department of Licensing office, your records should be updated by the time you arrive. We recommend bringing a paper copy of your test results just in case you arrive before your record’s have been updated.

Temporary Permits For Driving To An Emissions Test

If your tabs expire before you can get an emissions test you require a permit to allow you to drive to a testing station legally:

Temporary transit permit information

Emission Test Waivers

For vehicle owners who cannot afford to pay for full repairs the State of Washington has a waiver program that limits repair cost to $150. Repair costs will only apply towards a waiver when an Authorized Emission Specialist, like Warren Secord Automotive, performs the repairs.

Vehicles with missing or tampered emission control equipment are not eligible for the waiver. Vehicle modifications include disabled or removed emission control equipment, cold air intakes, engine swaps, power chips, oversize wheels and tires, etc.

To qualify for an emissions repair waiver, you must:

  • have your vehicle inspected and fail,
  • contact a State Ecology Authorized Emission Specialist who would conduct $150 of diagnosis/repairs,
  • return to the emission testing center and provide an itemized receipt of work performed by the Authorized Emission Specialist.

Washington Department of Ecology Authorized Emissions Specialist

Failed an Emissions Test? Warren Secord Automotive & Tire is a Washington State-certified Authorized Emission Specialist that can perform emissions test failure repair.

Authorized Emission Specialists are automotive repair technicians specially trained and certified in diagnosing and repairing vehicles that fail the Washington State emission testing process. Shops that employ Authorized Emission Specialists are equipped to perform repairs on vehicles that fail an emission test and are familiar with the repair requirements of the Washington Emission Check Program.

Note: Repairs performed by an Authorized Emission Specialist are the only repair costs that apply toward a repair waiver.

Washington Vehicle Emission Check Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my vehicle fails the emission test?

You will be given a printout that shows the reason your vehicle failed. You will also receive a list of Washington Authorized Emission Specialist repair shops where you can have your vehicle repaired.

There are three options for emissions retesting:

  1. After your vehicle is repaired you may return to any Applus test station for 1 free retest (must be retested within 365 days of the first test).
  2. If the vehicle failed at an Authorized Test Facility and is retested at an Applus Test Station, the 1 free retest does not apply and a retest fee of $15 will be charged.
  3. If you have your vehicle retested at an Authorized Test Facility the retest cost is determined by the individual Authorized Test Facility.

Who can repair my vehicle if it fails its emission test?

Anyone can repair your vehicle. However, repair costs will only apply toward a waiver when an Authorized Emission Specialist (AES) performs the repairs.

Because some repairs may be very costly, your vehicle could be eligible for a waiver if it fails a retest.

Find an AES shop in your area.

What if my vehicle fails a retest?

Subsequent retests are not free. Make sure that you have the emissions repair done by an expert with the diagnostic equipment and tools to ensure the repair is done correctly the first time.

An emissions waiver may be obtained at any Applus Test Station if an Authorized Emission Specialist (AES) has repaired the vehicle after the initial test failure.

Vehicles with missing or tampered emission control equipment are not eligible for an emissions waiver.

Itemized receipts from an Authorized Emission Specialist repair shop need to be provided that show that at least $150 was spent on emission diagnosis and repairs of the emission test failure.

Applus Emissions Test Stations

Applus Test Stations Hours:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri: 8:30 AM to 5 PM
  • Thur: 8:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM to 2 PM
  • Sundays, Holidays and the day before Christmas: Closed

Check the Applus station Current Wait Times.

Applus Emissions Test Stations in King County


3002 A St SE 253-939-1225


15313 SE 37th St 425-644-1803

North Seattle

12040 Aurora Ave N 206-362-5173


18610 NE 67th Ct 425-882-3317


805 SW 10th St 425-228-6453

South Seattle

3820 Sixth Ave S 206-624-1254

Find other Washington State Applus test stations

Washington Program’s Authorized Test Facilities

Authorized Test Facilities are independent businesses authorized by the Department of Ecology to perform vehicle emission tests. Charges for the tests are set by each business and may be different from the Applus Test Station emission test fee.

Note: Authorized Test Facility hours and emission testing fee differ from Applus Test Stations. Please contact the individual businesses for their hours of operation.

Juanita Firs 76
13701 100th Ave. NE.
Kirkland 98034
(425) 821-2345
(OBD/TSI Only)

Auto Repair & Emission Test
15220 1st Ave S.
Burien 98148
(206) 246-2548
(OBD/TSI Only)

Precision Tune Auto Care
4802 Point Fosdick Dr. NW.
Gig Harbor 98335
(253) 851-6613

Precision Tune Auto Care
4828 Bridgeport Way W
University Place 98467
(253) 566-1620

Precision Tune Auto Care
303 S 72nd Street
Tacoma 98408
(253) 473-7776

Precision Tune Auto Care
7701 Steilacoom BLVD SW No. 6
Lakewood 98498
(253) 722-5120
(TSI/OBD Only)

System Seven Repair
10831 Tukwila International Blvd
Seattle 98168
(206) 762-1318
(Diesel Only)

Lee Johnson Auto Family
11845 NE 85th St
Kirkland 98033
(425) 827-0521
(TSI/OBD Only)

Hans VW Repair
6302 35TH Ave SW
Seattle 98216
(206) 932-5552
(OBD Only)

JP Automotive Service
14925 Ambaum Blvd S.W.
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 901-9914
(TSI / OBD Only)

Devlin Automotive Inc
Meineke Car Care #2253
23100 Pacific Hwy S
Des Moines 98198
(206) 429-2334
(OBD/TSI Only)

The Great Car Care Center
6750 Kimball Dr.
Gig Harbor 98335
(253) 858-1888
(OBD/TSI Only)

Glenn's Auto Repair
27606 16th Ave S
Federal Way, WA 98108
(253) 946-0160
(OBD/TSI Only)

Lloyd's Automotive, Inc
23250 Military Road So.
Kent WA 98032

Moose's Auto Tech
14612 Union Ave Sw
Lakewood, WA 98498
(253) 582-0405